Winter Project – Bring Hope to Detroit!

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We are so excited to announce our next project!

Here at Hungry For A Day, we are going to expand our outreach and influence and do something a little different than our last projects. We’re going to do two “Go Hungry” days to maximize our support for an incredible, ongoing need. Now for the project details… We’re partnering this month with Elevate Detroit!

We’ve really been wanting to do something in Detroit, MI since Hungry For A Day was started. Detroit
has been hit really hard by the down economy, and there are hundreds of thousands of families in need.
People are hurting.
Elevate Detroit facilitates community barbecues events in Detroit, as well as five other cities in South
Michigan. Out of the current six locations, they set up food distribution in Detroit every single weekend, and the other five locations once a month. They load up trailers with grills, generators, tables, and supplies and then go out to various locations to set up and host meals for the homeless and needy.

Elevate Detroit is a volunteer army which depends on donors to bring food to them each week. Their
current need is to outfit an additional trailer so that they can feed even more people, and successfully
continue their operations.

Our goal is to raise at least $1,500 to help Elevate Detroit. One of their current trailers needs some electrical work so that they can get it back on the road. They also need coolers and storage containers for supplies, as well as some additional tables.
We know that H4AD can step in and help with these needs!

If you’re not familiar with Hungry For A Day, we challenge our community to take a day each month
and go without food so others can eat in your place. Elevate Detroit is feeding over 1,200 truly hurting people each month. Can you skip food one day or even one meal?  Without a successful project, they just won’t be able to feed as many people each month.
How many people will you help eat in your place this month? 10? 50? 200?

We are looking for 75 people to give $20 each over the next 5 weeks.  Some can give more, some can give a couple times.

Even if you don’t actually go hungry yourself, please thoughtfully consider donating to H4AD this month.  We want to make a tremendous impact!

Our two Go Hungry days will be February 28th & March 28th. Mark them on your calendar and let’s go in and help Elevate Detroit. We are open for donations NOW:

Let’s take hope to Detroit!