Winter Project Update

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We’ve passed the halfway point of our Winter Project!

Our total goal is to raise $1,500 for Elevate Detroit.
If you’re just reading up on this organization, they feed over 1,200 a month through their CommuniD BBQ’s in Detroit, MI, as well as five other cities in the Detroit area.
Our mission is to raise money for some critical supplies that they need so that Elevate Detroit can continue to focus on feeding hungry families.
We will be outfitting one of their trailers with new coolers, storage containers, and tables. On top of that we’ll be covering the electrical work on a current trailer to help keep it on the road every Saturday.
We are halfway through the campaign, but not quite halfway to our goal in donations received.
If you remember, we also funded our Love Project in February that distributed 41 Compassion Kits to the needy in Pensacola, Florida.  This was made possible by gifts from donors like you.
We’re confident that if March is met with the same support as February, we will surpass our goal for Detroit!  But, it all begins with you…

We’re looking for 50 people to step up and donate $20.00. That may be two lunches for you. That may require that you give up a movie and dinner night. You may have the capability to donate way more than just $20.  Can you sacrifice $20.00 or more so that kids, women, and men can eat?

Let’s pull together and bring hope to Detroit!

For more information and ways you can donate, please check: