Where is your Thanksgiving dinner coming from?

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2019 is Year 8 of our Thanksgiving outreach. It all started when our friend, Tim Payne, from the Pensacola area, asked us to help him put a plan together to provide 25 families with a Thanksgiving meal. That first year, we blew the goal away and helped 55 families.

(meals being assembled in Pensacola, Florida)

Over the past 7 years, the outreach has grown. We now work with dozens of faith communities, corporate partners and the friends of Hungry my For A Day to inspire generosity. We’ve now given a Thanksgiving meal to over 80,000 people! This year, we hope to cross the 25,000 mark.

There’s two reasons we do this:

One, we’ve identified thousands of families that aren’t sure where Thanksgiving is coming from this year.

Most of us this time of year are thinking about whose mom or aunt is hosting this year or if that year-end holiday bonus is going to come through. We’re not wondering if we’ll even be able to provide a nice meal for our families.

(meal recipients in Detroit, Michigan)

Two, we started Hungry For A Day to inspire generosity in people. Those of us that have been blessed have the opportunity to help those who aren’t as fortunate. How can we live with open hands as well as eyes that look for chances to help someone in a tough spot?

It’s not just about a turkey, but about starting a lifestyle that looks to help our fellow man.

What can you do?

  • Provide a meal for a family – it’s costs $35 and covers the turkey and all the sides.

Click HERE to give.

… and before you hit that “Make Donation” button at the bottom of the form, we’d love for you to spend 30 seconds thinking about your year. How have you been blessed? Are you worried about where your next meal is coming from? Can you help more than one family this year? Some of you can cover 10 or 20 families.

Let’s live generously!