Tis’ The Season! Let’s be Jolly!

Tis’ the season to be jolly! Right? Well, tis’ the season to TRY your best to be jolly. This time of year I am reminded of just how much I really do love being with my family, while at the very same time realizing just how imperfect we all are. Every year, without a doubt, some kind of drama takes place; we have a million to-do lists to accomplish, and we end up spending way too much money. You better watch out or these things will creep up on you and before you know it you have become the Grinch. Why is it that the season we are suppose to be jolly, we end up not being joyful one bit.

So how do we avoid turning into the scary, green, Dr. Seuss creature who takes all of the fun out of Christmas? 

1.)    Focus on your family & friends.

2.)    Don’t stress over gifts.

3.)    Remember the reason for the season.

Easy enough, right? Wrong.

Beginning in August we are brainwashed with commercials, sale ads, and Christmas music playing everywhere. We get so wrapped up in , well, the wrapped gifts that we completely lose sight of what’s most important this time of year.  We lose sight of spending quality time with our close ones, forgetting that not everyone gets the same opportunity. Gifts become a nightmare. They become a chore not too many of us want to take on, and we end up being overly stressed over something that should be enjoyable.

However, amongst all of these imperfections this time of year, Christmas is still Christmas, and the Earth was given one perfect gift. That perfect gift being  human, and that perfect human was Jesus. When I reflect on Christmas, I often think to myself if this is really what Jesus wanted Christmas to be like. Did he want us to be stressed, overwhelmed and grumpy the entire month of December?  I doubt it. I know he would have wanted us to spend this time giving hope to the world, instead of giving superficial gifts. I think he wanted us to laugh a little, rather than getting into a fight with the ones we love. I think he wanted us to relax and enjoy him. After all, there would be no such thing as Christmas if He would not have been born.

Laugh. Live. Love. I hope this season does you well, and that we can all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.


This post was written by H4AD guest blogger Cassandra Stokes. Touch base with Cassandra on Twitter HERE.

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