1,000 Families (Fall Campaign)

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1,000 Families! We have a dream, a vision and a plan.

This year we have what business leader Jim Collins calls a BHAG (BIG, Hairy, Audacious Goal).

We have the vision to feed 1,000 families a complete Thanksgiving dinner. Not just 1,000 people, but we want to give 1,000 families a complete dinner (the turkey, stuffing, all the sides and even a pumpkin pie)!

Why is this big and audacious? This one project is bigger than everything else we’ve done this year!

The project will be expensive. It will take a ton of work. We need you!  

What is our plan?

  1. We’ll need our normal donors and supporters to get behind this financially.  We also want you to share this vision with your friends and communities.
  2. Hungry For A Day will partner with the faith community to enable churches to meet local needs and feed their communities.  (more details further down)

More info:

  • A $35 gift will feed an entire family
  • Both our October & November Giving Days will be used to raise funds for 1,000 Families.  If you normally give once a month or once per project, we’d love for you to give both months and feed two families.
  • We are covering all credit card processing and administrative fees so 100% of your gift goes directly to feeding a family

Do we have any experience feeding this many people? Yes! We feed thousands of people every year, we’re just ramping it up for one big push this fall! This project has been in the planning stages for years.

Hungry For A Day has done test Thanksgiving projects with different churches the past two years.  We feed 55 families the first year and a couple hundred last year. Now, we’re inviting all of you to join in and meet some big needs!

Here’s some great news – a big push to get us started! We already have 5 churches signed up to get involved, so we believe a third of the meals will be covered!  

This means that on top of our H4AD giving, we need 8 more churches to get involved.  If you’re a Pastor, Sunday School teacher or small group leader go to H4AD.com/1000families for more info or to sign up!

We could close this out by laying down a big guilt trip about families not having the food they need with images of hungry people, but I think just knowing that a family needs you is all that needs to be said.

To give a meal, go here https://hungryforaday.cloverdonations.com/thanksgiving/

Again, to read more about how your church / small group / Sunday School class / co-workers / group of friends can get involved, go to H4AD.com/1000families(if you have ever thought about helping your community, click through, take 3 minutes, this may be exactly what you need!)