Thanksgiving 2021! (25,000 Meals – Take 4)

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Today, we’re excited to announce our 2021 Thanksgiving Project. If you’ve been following us on social media, you already know our goal is to provide a meal to 25,000 people!

We’ve been chasing the 25,000 goal for a while now. In 2018, we fed just over 22,000. 2019 brought us to 23,000 and in 2020, about 22,000 were helped. This is the year we want to exceed our goal!
We’ve already identified the recipients via our friends who run food pantries, shelters and serve meals to the homeless.

This year, rapidly growing inflation has resulted in increased food prices and the needs of these families are bigger than ever.

We put together a brief video talking about why giving is so important this year:


Here’s where you come in:

For just $35.00, you can feed a family of four the same type of meal that you’ll eat this Thanksgiving (turkey, cranberry sauce, dressing and all the vegetables).
$70 feeds two families and $350 gives a meal to 10 families.

To give: Simply click HERE.

(Our Giving Day will be Thursday, November 19th. This is the day many in our community go hungry and give what they would have spent on food or match what they spent on food that day. We’ll stop taking donations Saturday, November 20th.)