Ten Thousand Meals (Fall Campaign)

Last year (October/November 2014) was our first nationwide Thanksgiving Project.
We had done a few regional projects before but this was the first time we went big.

Hungry For A Day had a dream to feed 1,000 families a complete Thanksgiving meal. We didn’t just want to give someone a plate of food, but the same type of Thanksgiving dinner that you and I will eat. We’re talking a turkey, stuffing, all the sides and even pumpkin pie.

We partnered with our community, several businesses, food banks and 7 churches from Gulf Breeze, Florida to Detroit, Michigan and 1,580 families were fed. We were completely blown away and floored by the generosity shown.

In 2015, we want to do more!

If 1,580 families were fed, we think about 4 people were helped with each meal. That works out to 1,580×4=6,320.

Our goal this year is to keep giving strong and bless 10,000 people with a Thanksgiving dinner.

How can you help?

1) You can give

To give a meal, go here https://hungryforaday.cloverdonations.com/h4ad/

2) Sign up your business / church / small group / Sunday School class/ co-workers / group of friends

We’ll be sharing more about how your group can get involved in the next few days. (if you have ever thought about helping your community, click through, take 3 minutes, this may be exactly what you need!)

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