Summer 2020

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This summer, we’re helping our friends at The Collective Effect. They are an organization working in Uganda to provide food, medical care and education to families facing extreme poverty. They run a transitional home for children living in homelessness. It is a safe-haven and home to 20 children between the ages of 6-18 who once were living on the streets of Kampala, Uganda along with 2 caregivers.

A few months into corona and lockdowns, we’re finally able to go to the grocery store and get pretty much any item we need. In Uganda, it’s a different story. Food costs have doubled – and that’s just the items that are available.

The Collective Effect work in a village with 20 children (grade school to high school age). School has been canceled, teacher’s aren’t getting paid and there’s an incredible need.

How can we help? They have funding through the middle of September, but we’d like to cover the rest of the year. Our goal for this project is to raise $3,780.

$35 feeds 20 kids and 2 caregivers for a day.
$105 covers 3 days.
$245 covers a week.

We also have a stretch goal to help with the children’s education: They have raised funds to pay an unemployed teacher, but need a desk for each child and school supplies.

$50 provides a desk for a child or their school supplies for the rest of the year.

… and if we REALLY want to dream big,
$2,000 will build a classroom for the kids while school is closed.

How can you help? GIVING LINK