Summer Project

I have such great memories of summertime – days with no agenda, riding my bike through the neighborhood, playing baseball, going to amusement parks to ride roller coasters…but the highlight of summer for me was always summer camp.

A full week to be away from home, adventuring in the woods, swimming, playing sports and making new friends.

This summer, we’re launching a project to help our friends at YoungLives. This is an amazing group that helps teen moms. In the past, we’ve given to cover new mom care packages (formula, blankets, etc.) and last year we covered the annual costs of their weekly lunches with the young moms. This year, we want to send them to camp!

YoungLives (part of YoungLife) runs a camp where girls from their programs across the country come together to experience camp like you and me did! There are special accommodations for the babies and the girls get to spend a week being at camp like a normal teenager.

Where does Hungry For A Day fit into camp? Food is one of the central pieces of the camp experience. At camp, they provide a regular family-style meal, as well as surprise snacks to illustrate the importance of fellowship with one another. Most, if not all, of these girls have never sat around a table and had a meal as a family, and this is therefore a special opportunity for them. During camp meals, the girls experience true community and come to see their YoungLives mentors as family. The bonds solidified at camp last many years and have a lasting impact on the lives of both the teen moms and their mentors.

The camp cost for each teen mom and their child is $613.  The breakdown is:

$448 camp fee, which includes accommodations and three meals a day for five days

$120 bus seat

$20 camp t-shirt

$25 for snacks, milk, diapers and baby wipes.

Since our operational costs have been covered by gracious donors, every dollar you give will go directly to sending these great girls to camp!

Our goal is to send 8 girls and their kids to camp.

How can you help?  GIVE NOW

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