Feeding the community and building relationships – Second Summer Project ’21 !!!

We’re excited to announce we are partnering with Community Bucket and their FeedATL Summer Series to help four urban gardens in Atlanta provide fresh produce to under-served communities. 

These urban farms operate in areas known as food deserts. They are typically in low income areas with limited transportation options, where people lack access to healthy, affordable food in their neighborhoods. Usually, the only place to buy food for their family is a convenience store where they have canned or processed food. 

Our urban farm partners believe everyone deserves access to fresh fruits and vegetables and they are working to provide it in these communities. They each take a slightly different approach, but in every case they are passionate about farming and the families they serve. The farms have a small team that plants, cultivates and harvests fruits and vegetables to share within their communities.

The four gardens we are helping this summer are Metro Atlanta Urban Farm, Gilliam’s Community Garden, Mena’s Farm & Grow With The  Flow.  We are raising money to enable the farmers to purchase tools and supplies: Fertilizers, seeds and materials to educate their community members  and teach them how to sustainably grow food. 

Our goal is to raise $4,000 which will help us give $1,000 to each of these urban farms.

Here’s a practical way your donation can be used…

For just $27.75, an urban garden can provide tomatoes for someone in their community for a year: this covers buying tomato seeds, cages and ground cover to protect from weeds. 

What we love about this project is the tools we give and the seeds we provide will be used to produce thousands of pounds of fresh food to feed their communities all year long, and for many years to come

To give: Simply click HERE.

(Our Giving Day will be Thursday, August 12th. This is the day many in our community go hungry and give what they would have spent on food or match what they spent on food that day. We’ll stop taking donations Saturday, August 14th)

We don’t often have volunteer opportunities, but this is a unique project where if you would like to serve, there are several dates where you can lend a hand in weeding, harvesting plants or cleaning up one of the gardens.

To see the available dates and sign up to Volunteer with our Partner: Click HERE.



About Community Bucket (https://communitybucket.com)

Community Bucket is a nonprofit dedicated to fostering local community connections through volunteering. It’s built on a simple idea –Service Made Social.

About Hungry For A Day (h4ad.com):

H4AD is a nonprofit that seeks to inspire generosity around hunger related causes.

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