Spring ’22 Project – Community Dinners!

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It’s time for our first 2022 project!

We’re partnering with our friends Pure Hope to launch 9 community dinners in Atlanta.
Why Community Dinners? Watch our friend, Dale Stephens, share why Community Dinners are so important:

Pure Hope provides 3 meals per month from March to October to vulnerable communities in Atlanta’s Upper Westside.  These meals differ from relief in that the aim of the dinner is for transformational development.  They utilize the insights and knowledge of local experts in the fields of medicine, social work, financial sector, amongst others to deliver real problem-solving solutions.  Additionally, the format of the evening ends with self-reflection and goal setting to move towards a brighter future.  The dinner model also allows for community-wide trust-building as we interact over a common experience. 
Social scientists demonstrate the long-term effects of social lift via trust through bonding, bridging, and building. 

Community Dinners are a powerful way to help families escape poverty.  

How can you help?
Our goal is to cover three months worth of dinners (June-August) for 70 people. (each meal costs $5 and the total is $3,150.

$45 provides a seat at a community dinner for a person for three months
$210 covers a table of 4 for three months
$350 will cover an entire evening for 70 people
How can you live generously?

Click HERE to get involved.

If you’d like to volunteer, please send an email to david@h4ad.com so we can connect you with Dale and Pure Hope.