October 2013 Project Announcement

As we enter Fall, we all look forward to cooler temperatures, the upcoming holiday season and the final key dates of the year.  It’s a great time to celebrate accomplishments, but also a time to re-establish our personal goals for the rest of 2013.

What have YOU done to impact the life of someone less fortunate this year? Have you volunteered your time to add value to someone’s life? Donated your time or money to a worthy cause? What have you done that is significant and impactful in 2013?

Here is your chance to do something more. Here is your opportunity to be a part of something great!

In October, we are teaming with SERV International for an amazing opportunity to help those that desperately need our help. SERV INTERNATIONAL provides pre-made, dehydrated meals to Kenya and the Dominican Republic. These meals provide a whole day’s nutrition for one person.  They are packed with nutrition and easy to prepare. Here is the really cool part:

Each Meal costs … just $.05. That’s right a nickel!  $1 = 20 full meals. $5 = 100 full meals. $25 = 500 full meals that provide hope and love to thousands of hungry men, women, and children.Our focus will be on the country of Kenya. H4AD wants to be able to provide THOUSANDS of meals to the people Kenya. If you simply skip a lunch or dinner, you will be able to provide SO many meals!

People are hungry. They need a helping hand. The logistics are in place to help them, but we need YOUR financial help.  Live generously. Take this opportunity to make 2013 a year to remember!

If you are ready to donate right now, you can CLICK HERE:


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