May/June Project

We’re partnering with one of our favorite organizations in Atlanta, Serenity’s Steps, for our next project. They help vulnerable women whose lives have been marred by sexual exploitation and help them step out of the sex industry.

Serenity’s Steps helps with this struggle by providing a process to transition these women from their dangerous and tumultuous lives to a life of dignity and purpose.

Before they can help these girls and women move to places of hope and restoration, relationships have to be created. Most initial meetings (and subsequent follow up’s) are done over a meal. One of Serenity’s Steps biggest needs is the funds to pay for these meals.

It typically costs about $15 to cover lunch between one of Serenity’s staff or volunteers and one of the girls. We’ve worked with Serenity’s Steps the past couple of years and have given over $2,000 to help them create these life-changing conversations. Our goal is to cover four months of food costs for them – about $1,000.  

We want to encourage our community to be generous! Can you give out of your abundance to help one of these girls take the first step towards hope?

You can get involved at

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