September Project – Backpacks of Food for Homeless Teens

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For just a moment, try to imagine how difficult it would be to homeless, trying to locate a place to sleep each night and to find some kind of roof over your head. Now imagine how much more difficult it would be to live day to day – homeless – if you were a child. 

In Northwest Florida, there are hundreds, even thousands of homeless youth that struggle to survive each day. The Florida Department of Education’s Bureau of Student Assistance reported in 2010-2011 that 56,580 students were identified as homeless youth across the state of Florida. These unaccompanied children somehow find shelter in cars, campgrounds, abandoned buildings, or sometimes in the homes of friends.

This month, Hungry For A Day wants to step in make a huge impact in the lives of many of these youth in Northwest Florida. H4AD is partnering with Manna Food Pantries ( in support of the Unaccompanied Youth program. With your much needed donations, we’ll work with Manna to fill dozens of backpacks full of nutritious food for the homeless youth. Every dollar you donate will help to ease the burden of a hungry child who doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Manna estimates up to 30 homeless youth will enroll in their program beginning October 1st. Each backpack will contain three balanced, nutritious daily meals, for three days. The total cost for the three days is just $28.00. Our goal at H4AD is to support Unaccompanied Youth for the entire month of October!

What if you were living on the streets? What if your child did not have a home and had to discover ways to try to feed himself. Can you donate JUST ONE day of your own personal budget for food? We need you!

Ways to get involved:

  1. Donate Here:
  1. Volunteer: (details to come)