Results .. (let’s do it again!)

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We asked the team at Serenity’s Steps to tell us how our 2013 giving to them impacted them.  This is what they wrote:

The young woman was heavily involved in prostitution and refused to even speak about the possibility of coming up with a plan to transition her out of the life. 

Executive Director of Serenity’s Steps, Leroy Lamar, had just been introduced to her by another woman who was working to leave the sex industry and wanted support for her friend as well.Their efforts seemed to be in vain as she refused to get involved with Serenity’s Steps again and again. She could take care of herself. 

Finally, Leroy offered to meet her for a meal, just to talk with no pressure. Using one of Hungry For A Day’s gift cards, he met with her for lunch. The relaxed setting and good food must have melted her heart because the young woman gradually began to open up, sharing her personal story of heartbreak, exploitation and desperation. 

Although not out of the life today, the young woman remains in contact with us and maintains the relationship. We have great hope that one day soon she will be ready to make the step and leave the life. Without the shared experience of eating a meal together and feeling comfortable to talk plainly, she would not have that trust or the hope of knowing we’re here for her when she is ready to leave.

Last year Serenity’s Steps was privileged to be chosen by Hungry For A Day to benefit from a campaign that raised $1,200+ in food gift cards to be used to support our ministry.

This year, they are partnering with us again for the month of March! Serenity’s Steps is a registered 501c3 operating in the Capitol View and South Atlanta neighborhoods of the city of Atlanta. We seek to develop authentic relationships and provide support to persons in the sex industry with the objective of seeing them attain hope, personal dignity and self-sufficiency while cultivating a community willing and able to come alongside them through the process. We do this by offering employment and vocational development through our social enterprise, That Grace Restored, providing connection to safe housing (soon to be offering our own transitional living location!) and publishing curriculum to train community members to effectively support persons in the sex industry in their own neighborhood. All our efforts are based in the affirmation of a man or woman’s intrinsic worth and our desire to come alongside them in authentic relationships to assist them in developing a feasible plan for their future.

Your donation to Hungry For A Day specifically enables us to stay true to our mission of putting relationships first as the foundation of our ministry. Last year’s donation made it possible for us to share meals and talk with women who otherwise would never have even thought of coming to an organization for help getting out of prostitution.Hungry For A Day provides a way to impact a woman’s life.

You make change happen!

Wow! Let’s do it again!
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