“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.”
― Alan Cohen

Hungry For A Day launched it’s first monthly project in June of 2012.

(We did have a trial project in December 2011 among our friends and family, but June 2012 was the first public project.)

Because of your generosity, we’ve supported dozens of amazing causes and raised tens of thousands for groups and individuals that are meeting the most basic of needs. Food.

We don’t have all the answers and we haven’t solved world hunger, but we’ve enabled these organizations to start the process of life change with so many. It’s tough to show people a new path when all they can think about is what will I eat for dinner.

So much goes into each project:

  • meeting with organizations
  • strategic planning
  • social media
  • graphic design
  • blogging
  • online donation forms
  • accounting
  • delivering food and / or checks
  • videos
  • thank you notes
  • donor management

Running a nonprofit with an all volunteer staff is tough! To be completely transparent, we need rest and rejuvenation. We’ve decided to take the month of August off and rest. We have some amazing things planned for this fall and want to be ready to roll!

If you are one of the amazing supporters who’ve set up a recurring donation, we’ll apply your gift towards next month’s project (backpacks of food for homeless students). Every dollar that comes in will be allocated accurately.

You won’t see us online much, if at all, in August. We’ll see you in a month!

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