Refugee Assistance

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2nd project of 2017 – here we go!!!!

Last year, we wanted to help the refugee crisis and together, we started a bakery in Iraq.

There’s still millions of refugees, so our job hasn’t ended.
Atlanta, our hometown, is one of 11 cities in the nation that is home to thousands of refugees.
Some friends of Hungry For A Day wanted to help – and here is their idea – it’s called Project Nobility)

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When we saw this, we had to help (and we thought that helping 10 families with dishes was just a starting point). So, we’re hoping to help more families and we want to provide food as well.

Here’s how it will work:
For every $100 given, a set of dishes and $50 worth of groceries will help them as they learn how to start life over again in a new country.

Our favorite thing about this project is knowing we aren’t giving hand-me-downs or unwanted dishes. We are providing these families with dishes that you would use. We believe in dignity and treating others (in this case, refugees) like we would our own family.

We know the refugee issue can be divisive, but we also know it’s not our job to vet or analyze. Our heart is simply to help those who need it.

They’re already here, so here’s the question we need to answer: What are we going to do about it?

If you’d like to help a family with dishes or food, you can give towards that.
We want to help 50 families!
– $50 provides a set of dishes or the accompanying food.
– $100 provides dishes AND food for a family.
– $500 helps 5 families
– $1,000 helps 10 families