Corona Project Update…

Posted on April 13th, 2020 in

Corona Project 1 Update – and Project 2 launched!
Our March 2020 Project helped our friends at Comprehensive Community Services. They were working to bring lunches to kids during the school closing. Our goal was to provide them with the funds to cover a month’s worth of lunches. Your generosity provided TWO month’s worth of funding!
They’ve already provided meals to over 2,000 kids and have the funds to keep going for several more!

If you’re on facebook or instagram, follow along with their great work!

Until this Corona / COVID-19 pandemic is over, we want to continue to give you ways to help those that need it.

Up next, we’ll be providing a lunch for the COVID-19 ER at Grady Hospital in Atlanta (the largest trauma hospital in the southeast).
Not only is this a way to thank those on the front lines who can’t even get out for lunch each day, it will also help a small business keep their employees working (the restaurant).

There’s about 60 people we want to feed and the cost is about $20 per meal.

Here’s where we need you! Can you give $20 or $100 or $500?

Some of you aren’t in a place to help at all, and that’s ok. Others of you are saving money by staying in since you’re not out to eat all the time.

To give, simply click this link: