October Project – Impact Dinner for the hungry

Andrew came to SafeHouse Outreach more than 16 years ago with only the clothes on his back. Divorce and separation from his family had lead to a downward spiral into addiction and then homelessness. SafeHouse staff began a friendship with Andrew, starting by giving him a warm meal and clean clothes. Slowly, his life began to rebuild. Staff at SHO began to help him to get his priorities going in order: he was reunited with his 4 year old daughter and began to climb up from the depths of his situation. Today, Andrew and his daughter stay close as she begins her college career at Georgia State and he climbs the ranks of an international insurance company. He has recently returned to SafeHouse to serve on their Advisory Council.

That’s an amazing story, right?
I want to tell you how Hungry For A Day is going to help change the life of some other “Andrews” this month.

SafeHouse focuses on meeting the physical needs of hurting people and bringing them back into society. They aren’t a shelter, but they provide meals and some much needed services. If you’re homeless, you likely don’t have an address, so where would you receive your veteran’s benefits, correspondence with your family, or job application responses? Over 1,200 people use SHO as their address. With simple services to help those in need, SHO provides hope to people in the margins of society.

We’re hosting an Impact Dinner on Wednesday, November 14th. Impact Dinners introduce hurting people like Andrew to this amazing organization to start the process of restoration. Over 200 people will be fed by your donations this month. We need volunteers to serve the meals, but we won’t just feed them. We would also like volunteers to sit with the people at SHO and get to know them. It’s going to cost about $4 per person to provide a meal. Some of you can feed 4 or 5 people with the amount you’ll spend on food in one day. Others of you can cover twenty!

Here’s the two ways to contribute this month.
1) Sign up to go hungry or just donate at h4ad.com/go-hungry. We’d like to challenge you to sponsor a table of 8 at $32.
2) If you’re in the Atlanta area, send an email to david@h4ad.com to get details on volunteering on Wednesday, November 14th.

We couldn’t do this without you,
The Hungry For A Day team

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