November Project – Feeding the women and children at The Garden

It’s November and the air is becoming crisp and sweaters are being dug out of closets.

Turkey, stuffing, Christmas gifts and family time are right around the corner.  Unfortunately, the holidays aren’t joyful for everyone.

We’re pleased to partner, during November, with 7 Bridges to  Recovery.  7 Bridges is doing some amazing work rescuing people from the streets – specifically focusing on people who live under bridges.  They provide rescue, housing, and treatment programs.  They have two homes for men and a large facility for women and children.
Their vision is to see the ones who are rescued become the ones doing the rescuing.  There are so many beautiful stories of restoration that come from The Garden.
How is Hungry For A Day helping? In November, we’re focusing on the 150 women and children who live with them at The Garden.
Can you imagine feeding 150 women and kids three meals a day, seven days a week?
They receive no government funding and rely on people like you to help them on their road to recovery.
It costs about $7 to provide a day’s worth of food for a woman or her child. We’d love to be able to cover 3 meals for all 150 one day next month!
One other really cool thing we’re doing this month is partnering with our friends at Cornerstone, They are a passionate group of young people in Atlanta that gather frequently to hear about organizations that are on the ground helping people.  Then, they give and get their hands dirty helping them make a difference.  We’re introducing Hungry For A Day as a unique way for them to support 7 Bridges! Cornerstone is already serving at 7 Bridges each month by helping in their outreach to the people living under bridges, also each quarter they serve at The Garden providing meals and support. We’re also looking forward to big day of service in January at The Garden with the Hungry For A Day & Cornerstone teams – we’ll keep you updated on that!
To give to this month’s project, simply click the “Go Hungry” button above.  You can provide 3 meals for only $7. You can provide meals for a day to a single mother and three children for only $28.  Some of you can bring hope to 7 people at 7 Bridges ($49)!

Let’s do this!!
P.S. If you’re not familiar with Hungry For A Day, we challenge our community to take one day each month and go hungry.  The amount we would have spent on food is donated so others can eat. It’s a simple, but powerful concept that lets us take an action step to help the hurting and provide hope!  You can give at (we’ll even take your donation if you don’t go hungry)

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