November Follow Up

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November Project:
As you know, our November project was to help the organization Seven Bridges – specifically feeding the 107 women and children who live at The Garden.
When we do our monthly projects, we try to do a quick video outlining the need.
One morning I was at my office and received a text from one of my wife’s friends.  It simply said “Does Hungry For a Day need a truck?”.  We talked about it and we couldn’t think of anything we specifically needed a truck for.
Later that evening, I met with Pastor Seven of 7 Bridges to film the November video about The Garden (
After we filmed the video, I asked him to tell me the latest that was going on down there.  He said that just that morning, he realized that he had been doing something wrong for 12 years and needed to apologize to his community.  He had been sending a newsletter out and always asked if someone had anything that they wanted to donate to reach out to them.  What he had been “doing wrong” was not asking specifically for their needs.  He said he wrote a note and apologized for doing wrong for so long and asked them to forgive him.  I asked if he had asked for anything specifically and he said – a truck.
I was able to connect Pastor Seven and our friend and a truck was delivered on New Year’s Eve to The Garden!!!
It was definitely one of those things that would have never happened and I wouldn’t have even thought of The Garden had I not been there that evening.
We estimated that it would cost about $7 to feed one of the women or children for a day.  We raised enough to feed 58.
(giving a check to Melissa from Seven Bridges)
It was our lowest month of giving yet. We’re not sure if that’s because it was near Thanksgiving – we’re just not sure why? As we grow, we’re still trying to figure out what methods of communication and projects are the most effective. Thankfully, we were able to still help out in a small way and facilitate the truck being given as well!
Service Project – Nov 14th:
Our October project was raising funds to host a meal at SafeHouse Outreach.  On November 14th, we went down and served the meal.  We had about 20 people show up to volunteer – which was pretty stinking awesome!  We fed a meal to about 150 people and also gave them enough money to fund another meal as well.
(here’s some of our crew in action)