We’re not all hunkered down…

While the corona virus has most of us hunkered down at home, avoiding everyone, there’s a group that’s out there doing good.  It’s our friends at CCS (Comprehensive Community Services). They’re a nonprofit working in one of the roughest and lowest income zip codes of Atlanta. They’re working with the homeless, women in the sex industry and those in the margins – […]

Meals, Moments, and MARTA

Meals, Moments, MARTA It’s time for our first project of 2020! First up is our partnership with CCS (Comprehensive Community Services). We’ve worked with them in the past (they used to be known as Serenity’s Steps) and we are so excited about helping again. They’re a nonprofit working in one of the roughest and lowest income zip codes of Atlanta. We […]

A note about 2020

I always take time during the  holiday season to reflect on the past year and think about the upcoming year. As I reflect on 2019, I am so grateful for a group of people that desire to live generously. What’s next for 2020? Encouraging more people towards a life of generosity, partnering with more organizations that are making an impact […]

Where is your Thanksgiving dinner coming from?

2019 is Year 8 of our Thanksgiving outreach. It all started when our friend, Tim Payne, from the Pensacola area, asked us to help him put a plan together to provide 25 families with a Thanksgiving meal. That first year, we blew the goal away and helped 55 families. (meals being assembled in Pensacola, Florida) Over the past 7 years, the […]

Summer Project

I have such great memories of summertime – days with no agenda, riding my bike through the neighborhood, playing baseball, going to amusement parks to ride roller coasters…but the highlight of summer for me was always summer camp. A full week to be away from home, adventuring in the woods, swimming, playing sports and making new friends. This summer, we’re […]

An Invitation

Like many of us, I like to consciously take some time during this season to reflect on the past 12 months and think about what’s in store for the next calendar year. As I reflect on 2018, I’m most grateful for our community that desires to live generously. My vision for 2019 involves expanding this reach – we want to […]


What is 109%? Last year for every dollar given to a Hungry For A Day project, 109% went to the project. How does this happen? Each December, our community gives to fully fund our Operating Costs for the next year. In 2019, we need $19,500 each year to cover the basics. Expenses include administrative costs, credit card processing & IRS […]

Thanksgiving 2018 (It’s finally here!)

Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching, and it’s our biggest undertaking of the year! If you’re like most of our community of generosity, you’re thinking about who you’ll be inviting over for Thanksgiving Day, who will be cooking the turkey and whether you’ll be eating pumpkin or apple pie. Having a hot meal on Thanksgiving is a luxury most of us […]

Meals for Teen Moms

With the back-to-school season in full swing, we are once again working with the Atlanta YoungLives outreach program as they minister to teenage moms. YoungLives pairs teen moms with other women mentors who encourage and support these young moms as they simultaneously navigate two of the most challenging stages of life: the teen years and early motherhood. One of the […]

A Special Need

This month we’re excited to once again be partnering with Don Shire Ministries and the Jehovah Rapha House, a special needs orphanage in Haiti. Last year when we helped the Jehovah Rapha House, they had just found out they were being evicted because the owner didn’t realize they were housing “ugly children”. We are happy to report that God has […]

Walking with sex workers and the sexually exploited

It’s time for our first project of 2018! We’re revisiting a partner that we’ve helped several times through the years, Serenity’s Steps. Our goal over the next two months is to fund their Hotdogs and Prayer outreach. What is Hotdogs and Prayer and who is Serenity’s Steps? Serenity’s Steps is an organization that walks with sex workers and the sexually […]

What’s Next? (… and how can you help?)

2017 was a year of amazing generosity and so many people were helped because of you! Here are a few things you helped us accomplish: It was a great year building our community of generosity! When you gave to a project in 2017, 100% of your donation went DIRECTLY to the cause you believed in. To make this possible, our […]

Thanksgiving 2017

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are closing in on us. If you’re like most of our community of generosity, you’re thinking about who you’ll be inviting over for Thanksgiving Day, who will be cooking the turkey and whether you’l be eating pumpkin or apple pie. We always like to take a moment this season to think of […]

Harvey Relief

Each of us has been shocked and saddened by the destruction of life and property in Houston the past few days. When Hungry For A Day was started, six years ago, we wanted to answer two questions. 1) How do I give? (if you can’t afford to give, go hungry for a day and give what you’d have spent on food) […]

Back to School!

Can you believe it? Students are already back to school in our hometown of Atlanta. All high school girls have a lot of responsibilities to juggle: school, their first job, peer pressure, social lives and the often overwhelming insecurities that come along with being a teenage girl. But imagine adding motherhood to that mix. And picture that young girl living […]

Special Needs Orphanage in Haiti

There’s an orphanage in Haiti that our community is getting behind this month. A longtime friend of Hungry For A Day, Don Shire (we partnered with Don in 2014 to help his orphanage in India) is a friend to those all over the world who some consider unlovable. He ministers in jungles, prisons and orphanages all over our globe. What […]

Refugee Assistance

2nd project of 2017 – here we go!!!! Last year, we wanted to help the refugee crisis and together, we started a bakery in Iraq. There’s still millions of refugees, so our job hasn’t ended. Atlanta, our hometown, is one of 11 cities in the nation that is home to thousands of refugees. Some friends of Hungry For A Day […]

Disaster Relief

2017 is going to be an amazing year for Hungry For A Day! We want to make sure everything we do this year is focused on one thing – encouraging irrational generosity! The first thing we’re doing this year was inspired by the very first conversation we had when we started planning H4AD. In the first few weeks of January, […]

90 Seconds

At the end of each year, my email inbox and mailbox fill up with requests from nonprofits. I realize, Hungry For A Day is just one of many requests you’ll receive this season. Give me 90 seconds to share why you should support Hungry For A Day this year. In 2016, Hungry for a Day made the most of your […]

15,000 Meals – RESULTS!

Happy December! Before we announce our December project tomorrow, we wanted to share the results of our Thanksgiving Project. Some of you follow us on social media and already know the news, but for those of you that don’t, we surpassed our goal! We were working to provide a Thanksgiving meal to 15,000 people this past month and we were […]