Meals, Moments, and MARTA

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Meals, Moments, MARTA

It’s time for our first project of 2020!

First up is our partnership with CCS (Comprehensive Community Services). We’ve worked with them in the past (they used to be known as Serenity’s Steps) and we are so excited about helping again.

They’re a nonprofit working in one of the roughest and lowest income zip codes of Atlanta.

We want to help them in three ways:


Every other weekend, CCS hosts a hot dog cookout for the community. This helps them feed people who are homeless, live in rent by the night hotels, sex workers and those in the margins – those not sure where their next meal is coming from.

Not only are they helping those who are food insecure, but they’re building an environment of trust and creating opportunities to speak hope and dream about a future.


These meals do create special moments, but in addition, CCS has found that many in their community have bi-weekly court appointments on Friday morning because of situations they’ve put themselves in.

If a court appointment is missed, their clock can start over.

Imagine going to a court appointment hungry or disheveled. CCS has an RV they’re using to give people a ride to court, feed them breakfast and get them showered and cleaned up before court.


What’s MARTA? It’s Atlanta’s public transportation.

When someone in their community is sick, or finds a job or needs some other service, they need a ride. Rather than driving them around or helping with expensive ride share, CCS helps by providing for this great need – transportation.

Here’s where we need you!

  • Community cookouts cost $85 to host and feed about 50 people (every other week – $2,210 this year)
  • Friday RV breakfasts cost $25 and feed about 5 people (every other week – $650 this year)
  • Transportation costs for approximately 150 rides each month ($380 per month – $4,560 this year)

Some of you can cover a week or a month or a category. We’d like to raise $7,420 so CCS doesn’t have to worry about these costs for the entire year!

To give, simply click HERE.

Let’s live out the spirit of Hungry For A Day – looking for ways to live generously.  How can you help?j