May Project – feeding orphaned girls in India

Meet Dan.

Dan Courney is an American missionary to India, serving the impoverished area of Guntur. Originally from New York, Dan left the comforts of America to serve some of the most forgotten people of Asia.

In just a few years, Dan has accomplished so much in India. One key thing he has accomplished is establishing the Gospel Light Mission Orphanage Project in Guntur housing 10 abused and homeless boys. Dan and his wife are expanding their work and building a girl’s orphanage. Amazingly, Dan has been able to accomplish all of this without the support of any mission board. He is completely dependant on private contributions and support.



That’s where Hungry For A Day wants to help.

The need for food is a daily necessity for the children of the Gospel Light Mission Orphanage. Dan is feeding many children that live in the orphanage. Because of poor hygienic conditions, widespread diseases like AIDS and the contamination of the water in many areas, being able to create nutritionally sound meals is both necessary and difficult.

Here is the good news: Our American dollar will go a lot further there then it will here. For just $1.00, we can give an orphan girl three quality meals. Our goal this month is to feed 10 orphan girls three meals a day for two months. $30.00 provides a month’s worth of food & complete care for one orphaned Indian girl. Not only do these children get full bellies, they’ll learn to read and write, and get spiritual nurturing as well.

It’s really simple. What can you sacrifice this month to feed a hungry girl in India? Can you feed one of these precious girls for a week? Skip just one lunch and donate your lunch money. What about providing for an entire month? Sure, skip your movie and dinner so they can eat for an entire month.  The core of Hungry For A Day is going without so someone else can have.  Even a small gift of $1.00 provides a day’s worth of food.  This is a project that EVERYONE can get involved in.


We know what the need is. We know what the solution is. You can get involved.

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