March 2014 Project! (meals for sexually exploited women)

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This March, we’re partnering with one of our favorite organizations in Atlanta – Serenity’s Steps. They help vulnerable women whose lives have been marred by sexual exploitation.
Serenity’s Steps helps with this struggle by providing a process to transition these women from their dangerous and tumultuous lives to a life of dignity and purpose.

Before they can help these girls and women move to places of hope and restoration, relationships have to be created. Most initial meetings (and subsequent follow up’s) are done over a meal. One of Serenity’s Steps biggest needs is money to pay for these meals.
It typically costs about $15 to cover lunch between one of Serenity’s workers and one of the girls. Our goal is to cover three months of food costs for them – about $750.

I had lunch with Leroy a few weeks ago and one of the girls he’s working with came along.  She told me her story and it was hard for me, a middle class married guy, to really wrap my head around what she was saying.  She had trouble even reading the menu and I found out she tested academically at an elementary grade level.  It’s difficult to understand, but she knew of no other way to survive than “being in the life”.  Over some tacos, we had a tough conversation about how some decisions aren’t easy and take a ton of work, but there is hope!

Let’s fund even more meals like this!

We want to encourage our community to be generous! Can you give out of your abundance to help one of these girls take the first step towards hope?

You can get involved at