Macaroni & Cheese and Kalei

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When I tell people the story of Hungry For A Day, I always ask them to track along with us on facebook or twitter.  Every monthly story that we share may not touch your heart, but eventually one will.

Last week, I received an email that was just huge!

One of my old college friends read about this month’s project of supplying the needed shampoo, peanut butter, and macaroni & cheese for The Pantry and she knew she had to get involved..  Last year around this time, they experienced the unexpected passing of their precious five year old daughter Kalei.

Kalei’s favorite thing to eat was macaroni & cheese.  They’re sending a donation this month in honor of their Kalei to help other children not just eat, but have a special treat!

Let me challenge you. Give a box of macaroni & cheese in Kalei’s name!  This is something she would have loved!  Even if you don’t normally go hungry or simply donate to help others every month, will you at least give enough to buy a box of macaroni & cheese?  If everyone that tracked along with us online gave enough for just one box, we’d give thousands of kids who aren’t always sure where their next meal is coming from some macaroni & cheese to eat. Here’s the link to get involved:

We’ll never know when something we cherish will be gone!  Let’s provide hope this month to someone who desperately needs it!