September Project Announcement – Compassion Kits ATLANTA!

We are incredibly excited to announce our project for this mid September for Hungry For A Day. For the rest of this month, we want to raise funds to build ‘Compassion Kits’ for the homeless of Metro Atlanta.

If you have been tracking along with us for a while, you are familiar with the Compassion Kits. The initiative was a huge success when we distributed the kits in Florida. Now it’s time to take them into the heart of Atlanta, GA. We have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact on the lives of the hungry and needy in Georgia.

Well. What IS a Compassion Kit?  We’re glad you asked.

We will build a package of essentials to distribute to the homeless. In this pack – or kit – we will include the following:

Bottle of Water + Granola Bar + Pre Made Meal + Brand New Pair of Socks + Toothbrush and toothpaste + $5.00 giftcard to a local restaurant.

Here’s the really cool part. We can put together these Compassion Kits for just $10 each! What that means is that for just ten bucks you can give a very needy person two full meals and ongoing hygiene products. Even more importantly, when the kits are distributed, it will be an amazing opportunity to meet with the homeless and needy, and give them message of hope,love, and a dose of well needed friendship.

Can you help us? How many Compassion Kits can you help us put together? Can you challenge your college class, your youth group, your office, or your church to get involved and donate? For just $10 you can change a life!

There will be more details and updates on this project in the upcoming days. We’d love to hear stories on what sacrifices that you and your friends make to help bring Compassion to the homeless. Drop us a line and let us know!  Send us pictures! Who knows –  – we may even run a contest or two to help bring focus on this important cause! Stay tuned…

Ready to donate right now? CLICK HERE

09/26/2013 will be our designated ‘Go Hungry’ day! Mark it on your calendar and challenge others to join in with you. Together, we will make a difference!

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