June 2012 Project – Feeding refugee families

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We are excited to announce our June partnership with Project Live Love! We will be feeding refugee families in Clarkston, Georgia – a suburb of Atlanta.

What is a refugee? A refugee is someone that is fearful of persecution in their own country because of their race, religion, or political opinion, and in many cases has been driven away from their native country.  These refugee families have come to the United States for help.  Most people don’t know, but Clarkston is one of six refugee cities in our country.  Our government helps provide shelter for these families for 90 days.  After that time, they are on their own.  90 days isn’t really enough time for them to learn the language, get jobs, and become self-sufficient, so Hungry For A Day is stepping in to help.

Our goal is to give 500 families a five pound bag of rice and a five pound bag of beans. These small gifts will help feed an entire family for a week. What will it cost? It costs about $8 to purchase the rice and beans.  The average gift to Hungry For A Day is about $20.  For a few dollars more than that – $24, three  families will be able to eat for an entire week.   

Will you go hungry so others can eat in your place? How many families can you help feed? If you are reading this post, you are undoubtedly way better off than any of these refugee families can even dream of. 
We can make a huge difference. Take a few seconds to help: Sign up to go hungry or just donate HERE.

P.S. If you want to help us distribute the food, we’ll have information about that to you soon!