Feeding vets

This month, Hungry For A Day is addressing a constant pressing need in our country – feeding homeless veterans. Typically, these former soldiers are getting their meals in a soup kitchen line.  Sure, that’s better than nothing, but this month, we’re going to give them some dignity.  We are partnering with our good friends at Project Live Love in Atlanta and are raising funds for “Gourmet Meat, 3, & Tea”, a movement that feeds needy veterans a wonderful gourmet meal once a month.

These veterans, many of which served us valiantly in combat to keep our nation safe, sometimes just need a helping hand, some time to share some stories with friends, and a reminded sense of dignity and purpose. Together with Project Live Love, our goal is to help grow this program through the Veterans Empowerment Organization and let it flourish into other similar veterans support organizations.

Our goal is to treat 60 military veterans next month to an evening of amazing food and relaxation. The cost is just $17 per veteran for the entire night of “Gourmet Meat, 3, and Tea”. Will you support one soldier? Two? More? What can you go without so that a veteran can eat in your place? When you think about it, your donation is just a small sacrifice compared to what sacrifices our soldiers have made for us.

Let’s rock this campaign and help meet an amazing need!

Ready to donate? Give now at h4ad.com/go-hungry

The core of Hungry For a Day is generosity. How will you get involved?

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