July Project!

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July Project – we’re giving to help give lunches to kids who don’t get free school lunches in the summer.  $28 helps feed 100 kids.

If you want to get started: h4ad.com/go-hungry  The story is below.

If you live in the Southeast United States, no one has to remind you that it gets hot and humid during the summer months. Most of us don’t have to remind ourselves to open the fridge and cool off our kids to keep them happy and hydrated. If you are reading this post, there is a good chance you have no problems keeping your kids happy, healthy, and fed during the summer months.

This isn’t the case for everyone unfortunately.

Every school year, thousands of kids are on free or reduced lunch plans because their parents cannot afford to give them adequate nutritional meals. When school lets out, these kids are forced to cope and survive without the school lunch programs. Many kids go hungry. Many kids go thirsty.

Thankfully, we can help!

We’re joining our friends at beremedy to be a part of the solution!  beremedy is one of our favorite organizations.  They simply announce needs via social media and their community steps up to meet them.  It could be something like furniture for a homeless guy getting off the streets, or diapers for a single mom.

This month, they’re teaming up with MUST Ministries in Atlanta to give over 250,000 nutritious lunches for children this summer! You read that correctly – A quarter million lunches. This is an amazing opportunity to help to reach out and bridge the gap of hunger and happiness for a young child. 

Each balanced lunch comes with a juicebox. These juiceboxes cost $.28 each. How many juiceboxes can Hungry For A Day provide for the lunches?

The math is simple. For just $28.00, you can buy 100 juice boxes! That means 100 kids will get a nutritious drink. Who doesn’t love to pop that plastic straw into their own juice box on a hot summer day?!

The need is great. The solution is simple. Join us today and help bring happiness to hundreds of children!
Let’s be generous: https://hungryforaday.cloverdonations.com/h4ad/