July 2012 Project – Groceries for women rescued from sexual exploitation


We are excited to announce our July partnership with Wellspring Living!

We will be providing groceries to girls and women rescued from sexual exploitation.

Over 300 girls are sexually exploited commercially each month in Metro Atlanta.  300 a month!!! Wellspring Living is confronting the issue of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation through awareness, training and treatment programs for women and girls.  Their innocent childhood was replaced with things we can’t even imagine.

A group of girls recently finished a year long restorative program that provided counseling, group therapy, education, life skills and vocational training, family reunification as well as spiritual care.  They are now being housed in a secure private building where each girl has their own apartment.  Some of them are slowly entering employment, some are going to school or college.  Some amazing organizations have provided the building, cleaned up the grounds and furnished the apartments.  Hungry For A Day wants to help by providing groceries for them.

It costs about $40 a week for groceries for a girl. This includes not just food but paper supplies like paper towels, etc as well. Our goal is to provide all the grocery needs for 12 girls for an entire month.  $40 per week per girl is $480 per week for 12 girls which is $1,920.

Will you go hungry so these girls can eat in your place? Can you provide one week of groceries for a girl?

We can make a huge difference. Take a few seconds to help: Sign up to go hungry or just donate HERE.

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