Joseph. 18 years old. Student. Homeless.

“Joseph” (name changed for privacy reasons) is a high school student in Santa Rosa County.  After his mother’s boyfriend moved in, she kicked him out of the house. All his life, he has been physically and emotionally abused by his mom and the men in her life. He was eventually placed in a special program at an alternative school because of emotional and behavioral disorders stemming from the abuse.

After being kicked out, Joseph began living with his best friend. Tragically his friend was killed in an accident just a few months later. After that, he began couch surfing with other friends and sleeping in a tree in a public park. He was unable to continue his prescribed medication due to not having medical coverage or access to medical care. There were times he went three days without eating.

Unfortunately, Joseph is not alone. He is one of many students in Florida’s Santa Rosa County who are homeless and hungry. Through a special partnership with the Santa Rosa School District’s Unaccompanied Youth program, Manna provides backpacks full of nutritious food and water to kids like Joseph. All during the school year, backpacks are provided every weekend to students who would otherwise not have enough food to eat.

Fortunately case managers were able to place Joseph with a loving host family where he now has a safe place to live and access to food, clothing, medical care and many educational opportunities. Manna is honored to be a part of success stories like Joseph’s.

Hungry For A Day is proud to partner with Manna Food Pantries to help these deserving students! Let’s be a part of some more success stories!

For $25, you can provide a homeless student with a backpack of food. Get involved here:

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