It’s thanksGIVING!


November is a pretty amazing month, isn’t it? The month is full of festivities including pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hay rides, turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, along with all the other fun and delicious treats that we get to indulge in.

When November finally arrives we anticipate stuffing our faces on Thanksgiving and trying to leave a little room for a quick stop at Starbucks before taking on the craziness of “Black Friday.”

Thanksgiving is such a lovely time to gather around the table with family and friends, sharing laughter and tasty foods. My family partakes in our Thanksgiving tradition each year which involves going around the room as everyone shares a few things that we are thankful for this year. However, along with discussing what we are thankful for, we also focus on the second half of the word.

You guessed it. GIVING. 

This year we have invited our dear friends Mike and Cindy over to our Memaw’s house to join us for the holiday. Mike and Cindy live in quite an impressive, man-made tent behind the local ball field. The two are inspiring, positive, hopeful, loving and intelligent people who are making the best of their unfortunate situation, while dreaming and praying for a home of their own.

It is our pleasure, as well as our privilege to honor these two sweet people and to feed them on Thanksgiving. Everyone deserves a home cooked Thanksgiving meal. I don’t believe that I have ever anticipated this holiday so much as I do this year.

Family and friends are great but I CHALLENGE you this Thanksgiving to invest in someone’s life. Whether they are homeless, low-income, lonely, and widowed, etc. – open your home to them so that we ALL can truly enjoy both parts to the word: THANKS AND GIVING!

Have a very HAPPY TURKEY DAY! –gobble, gobble


This article was written by Cassandra Stokes. Be sure to track along with her and her adventures here on Twitter.

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