It’s finally here! (our first project)

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Wow, the day has finally come to launch Hungry For A Day.

We’ve been planning and dreaming about this day for about 18 months now.

For the longest time, we wanted everything to be perfect to launch.  We’ve come to realize that nothing will ever be perfect.  There’s still some kinks to work out: we have a website being designed, promotional videos being produced, PR campaign being prepped, and many more things.

Then, we realized, there’s hurting people!  We realized we can’t stand around waiting for the perfect moment any longer.

So, today, November 22, 2011, we’re launching Hungry For A Day in it’s beta form.  The website isn’t super flashy, but you can read about the organization we’re partnering with, and sign up to go hungry.  We’ll do a full launch for Hungry For A Day in a few months.

If you’re new to Hungry For A Day, we’re a non profit, 501(c)3 approved charity focused on hunger relief in the United States. Our mission is simple, yet the need is so great. H4AD asks of you this: Each month, starting this upcoming month, take just ONE day and go hungry. You read it right. YOU go hungry. In turn, add up what you would have spent that day for food – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. Take that dollar amount and donate it to Hungry For A Day. In turn, we will give those funds to pre-approved organizations that have the means to feed dozens more in your place. As you sit here and read this post, there are millions of men, women, and children, right here in our own cities, that do not know where their next meal will come from. You can help.


Why go Hungry? H4AD thinks it is a great idea to not only give of your money, but to also engage physically in a call to action. There are so many people that will go without eating for a day. Not because they don’t want to, but rather because they do not have the means or resources to do so. We think that if you put yourself in “their shoes”, the vision will become more of a reality to you personally. Take the day where you decide to go hungry and volunteer in your own community, visit those that are less fortunate, and spend some time in prayer for those that are truly needy and without help and hope. Get involved.


But if you choose not to go hungry or can’t go hungry, please donate! We desperately need your support!

Our first project for this first  month is to renovate two walk in freezers for a food pantry in Canton, GA. The organization (Second Chance Canton) receives 20,000 pounds of donated food items monthly, but has to scramble to distribute the food to all the needy folks that show up to stand in line for the distribution before the food goes bad. Two walk in freezers are vital to the sustainability of their ministry, Our goal is to raise $4,500 to make this important need a reality. You can help. For only $11, you can help provide food for a family for an entire year.  Will you help?

We are looking forward to many successful days ahead with Hungry For A Day. How successful this journey can be depends on friends, families, and communities banding together to help meet the incredible needs those less fortunate, right here in our own cities. We can’t do this alone – or we’d have never started this journey.  Stay in touch with Hungry For A Day at our website  You can also connect with us on twitter and facebook.

Thank you for partnering with us on this amazing journey ahead. We are truly excited! God Bless,

David and Aaron



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