Walking with sex workers and the sexually exploited

It’s time for our first project of 2018!
We’re revisiting a partner that we’ve helped several times through the years, Serenity’s Steps.
Our goal over the next two months is to fund their Hotdogs and Prayer outreach.
What is Hotdogs and Prayer and who is Serenity’s Steps?
Serenity’s Steps is an organization that walks with sex workers and the sexually exploited as they pursue hope, dignity and self-sufficiency. Their founder, Leroy Lamar, wanted to help people in his neighborhood that were hungry or just needed a friend. So, he put his grill in his front yard, cooked up some hot dogs and as people walked by, he’d offer them a meal and ask if he could pray for them about anything.  Through that simple act, his life was changed one evening when he met a lady selling her body because she knew no other way to get by. He told his wife that evening that his life could never be the same and Serenity’s Steps was born.
At first, they had sex workers sleeping on their couch and on their front porch. They now do daily outreach in adult clubs, neighborhoods around Atlanta and through a growing online network.
In 2018, they are going back to their roots and hosting a bi-weekly Hotdogs and Prayer event. They are setting up the grill and plan to feed about 50 people a week with the goal of developing more relationships.
They’ll have 26 events this year and the cost is $60 per event. Our goal is to completely cover their 2018 Hotdogs and Prayer budget.
$30 provides a meal to 25
$60 covers an entire outreach event
$120 covers two outreach events
$780 covers their Operating Expenses for 6 months
How can you help this month?

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