Harvey Relief

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Each of us has been shocked and saddened by the destruction of life and property in Houston the past few days.

When Hungry For A Day was started, six years ago, we wanted to answer two questions.

1) How do I give? (if you can’t afford to give, go hungry for a day and give what you’d have spent on food)
2) Who do I give to? (we identify organizations who are doing amazing work and share their story)
With something like Hurricane Harvey, it’s tough to know where to start.

When we see injustice, we want to be the ones running headlong into the mess, not away from it.

As some of you remember, we started a Disaster Relief Fund earlier this year and raised thousands of dollars to be used for something just like this.

We’ve identified several groups that need help.
The first group we funded is already headed to Houston with supplies to help families muck out and clean up their homes.
The next groups will be providing clean water to famlies without water.

For the next two weeks (through 9/16) we want to give you an avenue to help.

100% of anything given will go directly to Houston relief efforts.
All of our operational costs have already been covered by gracious donors.

To give: https://hungryforaday.cloverdonations.com/harvey



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