Special Needs Orphanage in Haiti

There’s an orphanage in Haiti that our community is getting behind this month.

A longtime friend of Hungry For A Day, Don Shire (we partnered with Don in 2014 to help his orphanage in India) is a friend to those all over the world who some consider unlovable. He ministers in jungles, prisons and orphanages all over our globe.

What makes the orphanage in Haiti unique is they are helping children with special needs.
They just found out they are being evicted from their home because the owner didn’t realize they were housing “ugly children”. Unfortunately, children with disabilities in Haiti are looked at like a curse in Haiti.

As they go through the struggle and expense of finding a new home for these children (that’s going to cost about $7,000 a year), let’s help them cover their food budget.
The orphanage started when Pastor Dari’s wife (a nurse) started bringing home these children after the local hospitals wanted nothing to do with them.

How are we going to help?
It costs about $1,500 to feed their 28 children each month.
That’s about $55 a month per child.
Some of you can cover a couple weeks – $28, others a month – $55, a week of food for the entire home is $375.

We’ll be sharing even more about these precious kids over the next few weeks.
Let’s dig deep. We’d love nothing more than to cover 2 or 3 months of food for this orphanage.

CLICK HERE to give.

P.S. If you’re reading this and want to cover their $7,000 housing budget for the next 12 months, let us know (info@h4ad.com). 


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