Getting in on the ground floor

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Jamie Tworkowsi, the founder of To Write Love On Her Arms has been one of my personal heros.  He went from being a successful sales rep for Hurley to starting an organization to help the hurting.  From the humble beginnings of trying to help a friend survive rehab, an organization has risen up that’s helping teens fight depression, self injury, and addictions.  

I was involved in a community of singles with Jamie, down in Florida, when he first talked about To Write Love and sold the first few shirts later that evening in the back of the gathering.  I still have the shirt I bought that night.  Last Saturday night, he was presented with a grant for $1 million dollars at the inaugural American Giving Awards on NBC.  A million dollars! I was so proud of everything that’s happened through his dedication.

Hearing the news of that, it was so cool to realize that I was there at the beginning and had one of the first shirts they made.  I don’t know if Hungry For A Day will ever be presented with something like that on national tv, but we do have some big dreams and ambitions.  You only get one chance to be a part of the first giving project we have!  We’re so honored by the people who have already joined with us in helping Second Chance Food Bank.  Will you go hungry so someone else can eat? 

** p.s. we’ll even let you donate if you don’t want to or can’t go hungry**



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