Jan/Feb Project: Meals to Kenya for 5¢

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As we enter the new year, we’re excited to announce our first partner of the year! We’ll be teaming up with SERV International to feed children in Kenya and the Dominican Republic.
Two things that are great about this project.
1) You’ll be able to start your year out really impacting the life of a child. This is the chance to be a part of something great!
2) The impact of your gift is extraordinary. SERV provides pre-made, dehydrated meals. These meals provide a whole day’s nutrition for one person.  They are packed with nutrition and easy to prepare.
Here is the really cool partEach Meal costs … just $.05.
That’s right – a nickel!
$25 feeds 500 children one meal
$55 feeds a child for an entire year
$110 feeds 2 children for an entire year
$275 feeds 5 children for an entire year
Our focus will be on the country of Kenya. H4AD wants to be able to provide THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of meals to the people of Kenya. If you simply skip a lunch or dinner, you will be able to provide SO many meals!
This year, 100% of your giving goes directly to our partner organizations. We cover all payment processing fees and operational cost. Also, SERV produces all food in country. This means there are no shipping costs and no country entrance taxes – every nickel goes to feeding a child!
People are hungry. They need a helping hand. The logistics are in place to help them, but we need YOUR financial help. Take this opportunity to make 2015 a year to remember!
If you are ready to donate right now, you can CLICK HERE: