February – it’s time for our annual Love Project!

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We’re excited to revisit our Love Project!

We did this last year and had a blast helping so many!

The purpose is to show some people who aren’t always lovable true love.
Everything given between now and February 28th will go towards our Love Project. If you have never given to Hungry For A Day, here’s a quick and easy way to get involved and demonstrate your love and generosity.

Here’s the story:

The Panhandle of Florida is known for so many wonderful things – sandy white beaches, the Blue Angels, the Naval Air Station, and loads of yearly sunshine. However, those that live and travel in the panhandle, specifically in Pensacola, know that there is a side of the city that generally goes unnoticed, unadvertised, and many cases ignored.

The city of Pensacola is a stopping point for many homeless and transients. Why? It may be the mild weather year round. Pensacola is also one of the more forgiving cities when it comes to dealing with the homeless and transients that look to panhandle… in the Panhandle.

You cannot drive more than a few miles in Pensacola and not see a homeless man or woman. Many times, the signs tell their stories. “Traveling hungry. Help” or “Lost my job. Broke. Anything helps.” If you are reading this, it’s only by the grace of God that you aren’t in their shoes.

So, Hungry For A Day is simply going to reach out to these homeless wanderers. We are putting together “Compassion Kits” that we will distribute to the homeless. In the kits, will be a meal, a new pair of socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a $5 giftcard to a local restaurant. Then, we will put our love in motion! We will go out and meet with these homeless folks, give them their compassion kits, and just be a helping hand to them.

Our goal is to distribute 50 Compassion Kits. The cost per kit is only $10.00. Can you help? Give towards this project at h4ad.com/go-hungry. Together, we can show love, lend a helping hand, be an encouragement, and help some folks who just want a bite to eat and a friend to talk to.

Let’s get behind this Love Project and show some hurting people love!

If you are in the panhandle of Florida and would like to volunteer for a couple of hours on our distribution team, please contact Aaron Palmer at aaron@h4ad.com or at 850-384-1984.

(some photos from last year):