You Are the Difference!

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll receive many letters and emails this month asking for your support. How do you decide what’s worthy of your gift? I usually am looking for an opportunity where my contribution will make the biggest impact.

You are a valued part of our community of generosity. Whether you gave to one campaign or have been a monthly supporter, you kept us going!

Here’s what your generosity has accomplished this year:

 25,000 children in Kenya were fed

 Over 100 homeless in Atlanta got compassion kits

 75 sexually exploited women received lunch and an opportunity for a different future.

 70 homeless high school students were given a backpack of food

 12,992 Thanksgiving meals were delivered

 Helped an organization in Detroit build a permanent place to feed the homeless

 Gave a fancy Christmas meal to girls who have been sexually exploited

 Worked with 9 churches and 3 corporate partners to help them impact their local communities through generosity

Hungry For A Day exists for one reason – to inspire generosity. As we have been blessed this year, we want to impact others at their most basic need – food.

When you gave this year, 100% of your donation went DIRECTLY to the cause you believed in. We have an amazing community who last December funded all our operating costs to make that happen.

We need to raise $12,500 this December to cover our processing fees, office supplies, postage, administrative help and all other operating costs. We don’t pay any salaries, which is why that amount is so low.

Your gift of $35 keeps Hungry For A Day going for another day. Some of you can give a day ($35), a week ($245), others can sponsor a month ($1,050) or more and some of you can give a monthly recurring donation each month in 2016.

Join us in impacting so many! To make it easier, you can give by going to (or clicking the big green “Go Hungry” button at the top of this page). We look forward to partnering together in 2016 to make a difference in even more people’s lives!