Announcing our Summer Project 2023!

Our summer project is an opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Our summer project partners with Pure Hope, an Atlanta based non-profit, offering comprehensive support to the underserved. We are providing a pack of essentials. These packs are filled with items (water, socks, food, toiletries) that not only meet immediate physical needs but are packaged in a belt bag they can use, in the future, to keep up with their personal valuables.

We need your generous support to make a significant impact. Your gift will go directly towards increasing the number of packs Pure Hope can distribute

One pack is $15, three are helped for $45 and 10 lives impacted for $150. 

With your help, we’ll turn a day of hunger into a day of hope. Every pack we provide means someone can go to sleep a little more comfortable, a little safer, and less hungry. It means someone who feels forgotten will know  they are seen, cared for, and valued.

You can donate using THIS LINK.

Thank you for your continued support of Hungry for a Day.