Announcing our 2022 Thanksgiving Project!!

Green Friday is coming


It’s almost Thanksgiving! Our favorite time of the year! Of course we know it’s also almost Halloween, and we look forward to that too, but while Christmas and Halloween typically get weeks or months of celebration, our favorite holiday only gets a few days at the end of November.

We love Thanksgiving and celebrate it for a full month!  Why?

It’s all in the name.

Thanksgiving is a holiday to be thankful for what we have AND to give of what we have.

So while we have projects all year to #inspiregenerosity, we look at our Thanksgiving project as our “Super Bowl” of projects. In the past 11 years together, we’ve fed over 165,000 people a Thanksgiving meal.

This year our goal is to feed 35,000 people that meal! That will push us over 200,000 meals to those in need in just over a decade.

To make this happen, we need your help. $40 provides a meal like the one you will be eating this year to a family who might be struggling to be able to have that same Thanksgiving experience.

That family could be a single mom who’s not sure how her family will celebrate this year, or it could be for a homeless person who has gone through it and back again, but who would like just a little bit of hope, something to eat to remind them of home. Maybe a family struggling to make ends meet because of inflation.

families lined up to receive a Thanksgiving meal at a Detroit distribution site

We have food banks lined up across the country that need our financial support. They know the needs. They have the infrastructure to help, but they need our funds.  From Massachusetts to Pennsylvania to Florida to Atlanta to Michigan to California and everywhere in between. We are supporting some of the greatest food banks in America, and they are ready to provide meals to families in need this year.

Can you help? $40 provides a meal, just like the one you will be having, for a family of four. Go to to give a meal, or more, this Thanksgiving.  Our Giving Day this year is Green Friday, November 18th, but feel free to give now if you can.

How can you live generously this holiday season?

Note: If you can’t afford to give, we challenge you to go hungry, and give what you would have spent on food so someone else can eat

Each holiday season, we partner with dozens of businesses to set up giving programs for their employees. If you’d like to learn more, you can CLICK HERE