Some people must make some intense choices.

Do I eat or do I get to my work? Do I eat or do I pay that bill?

This September, we’re partnering with three different food pantries in three different cities (Atlanta, Detroit and Worcester, Mass) to feed families.

100% of what comes in for our STOCK THE PANTRY project will be distributed between pantries in these three cities.
The cost to feed someone for a week through these food pantry averages $30
You can feed an individual for $30, a family of 4 for $120 or a family of 4 for a month for $480

How can you help?
How can you live generously?
How can you bless a struggling family?

If you can’t afford to give, you can go hungry so someone else can eat.

Some can feed someone for a week, others can feed a family for a week, some can feed a family for a month.

Giving Day is September 29th or you can give before then at

Pantries being helped are:
Sweetwater Mission – Atlanta area
Lakepointe Food Pantry – Detroit area
Friendly House – Worcester, Massachusetts area

Project has not been announced yet. 
Any project donations given before that announcement will be allocated to that project!


How can you live generously?

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