Compassion Project Follow-Up

Back in November, we launched our first Community Compassion event with Momentum Church in Gulf Breeze Florida.


As a 7 month old church, they were looking for a unique way to impact their community.

Their pastor, Tim Payne, came to me and said they were reaching people for Jesus, but wanted Hungry For A Day to help them craft a program to impact their community.

We helped them craft a 3 part program together (food drive, giving financially, and volunteer work) to help them feed 40 families for thanksgiving.

40 families seemed like a big stretch for such a small church.

Hungry For A Day was down in Pensacola for the kick off service – our founders both got to speak.
(our founders Aaron & David speaking at Momentum)
You can see a video of that here:


Here is the amazing part:

They raised enough through food and donations to feed 55 families!  On top of that, they gave away an additional 110 turkeys to people in need!

(truck piled with turkeys)

Now, we’re looking forward to partnering with others to achieve more amazing results like this!

If you need help building a community outreach event for your church, school, work group or fraternity – send an email to for some more info!

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