Church Partnership – Momentum Church, Gulf Breeze, FL

This month, we’re launching our first faith based partnership with Momentum Church in Gulf Breeze Florida.
Momentum Church is only 7 months old. They started earlier this year and have about 150 people in their growing community.
Their pastor, Tim Payne, came to me a few months ago and said they were reaching people for Jesus, but wanted Hungry For A Day to help them craft a program to impact their community.
We’ve put a 3 part program together (food drive, giving financially, and volunteer work) to help them feed 40 families for thanksgiving. Yep, this small church is going to feed 40 families an entire Thanksgiving meal.
Momentum has partnered with the middle school where they meet each week to identify 40 families that need help to eat the same type of thanksgiving meal that you and me eat every year.
How will it work?
1) Food Drive
Each week in November they’re asking people to bring a different item with them to church.
Week 1 – stuffing
Week 2 – cranberry sauce
Week 3 – sweet potatoes
Week 4 – canned corn
2) Go Hungry
On Tuesday, November 13, they are challenging everyone to go hungry and donate what they would have spent on food to help pay for the dinner. After the food drive, it’s going to cost only $35 to pay for an entire meal for a family.
That’s the turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes, and all the fixings you’ll have yourself!

With what most people eat in a day, you can pay for half a meal. There’s many of you that can pay for an entire meal or two.
3) Volunteer
They need x people to go buy the food & distribute it to needy families. If you’re in the Pensacola area and want to volunteer, send an email to
Action steps:
If you’re part of Momentum, make sure you bring food each Sunday, Go Hungry with us and volunteer.
If you’re not part of this church, but still wish to donate a meal, you can do that at
Maybe you need help building a community outreach event for your church, school, work group
or fraternity – send an email to for some more info!
We’re excited to partner with Momentum to feed 40 families this month!!
We’ll post results here in a few weeks!!

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