We’re not all hunkered down…

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While the corona virus has most of us hunkered down at home, avoiding everyone, there’s a group that’s out there doing good.  It’s our friends at CCS (Comprehensive Community Services). They’re a nonprofit working in one of the roughest and lowest income zip codes of Atlanta.

They’re working with the homeless, women in the sex industry and those in the margins – the ones living in rent by the week hotels or wherever they can find shelter for their family.

The children they help typically eat breakfast and lunch at school. With schools shut down, they’re in a tough place! Sure, the schools are still providing lunches, but you have to get to the school and buses aren’t running. SO, CCS is out there three times a week providing lunch for these kids!!!

Here’s where we need you!

  • A lunch feeds about 75 kids and costs $100. 

Some of you aren’t in a place to help at all, and that’s ok. Others of you are saving money by staying in since you’re not out to eat all the time. Can you provide lunch for a day ($100), a half day ($50) or maybe a full week ($300).

To give, simply click HERE