June Initiative – Feeding Blind Beggars in India

Hello faithful friends,

We are very excited and pleased to announce this upcoming month’s project and want to encourage you to rally around this effort with us! In the next 3-4 weeks, we are helping to raise support for Don Shire Ministries. Don and his team minister internationally to multiple areas of India and Haiti, helping to meet the needs of the homeless, orphaned, and widowed.

In particular for our focus, there is a group of twenty or so blind beggars in India that meet in a small church weekly. These beggars live on the streets, have no vision, and live hour by hour and day by day by the helping hand of Don Shire’s ministry there. Currently, there is a significant need to assist with the budget to help to continue to feed these blind beggars. Our goal is to feed the entire group for at least two months!

This group of beggars is normally just fed rice.  What we want to do this month is make their simple meals so much better.  Along with the rice, we’ll be giving towards spices and chicken.  Imagine if all you ate was plain rice, then what it would mean if you had tasty, savory meals for weeks!

Just $20.00 will help feed one person for an entire month! $100 feeds and helps to continue the ministry in the lives of five hungry, blind men for an entire month.

Reach into your hearts and help us continue to help others!

 Learn more about Don’s ministries here: Don Shire Ministries

 Ready to donate and make an impact? Become our June Partner HERE.

 Live generously!







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