Backpacks of food for homeless teens

It’s time to announce our July/August project!

Once again we are partnering with our friends at Manna Food Pantries to provide backpacks of food to homeless high school students.

You can supply a needy student with a backpack full of the equivalent of 8 meals plus snacks and bottled water for $25.00.

You can give at:

If you’d like some more details about this project, keep reading…

School will soon be starting, but unfortunately there is a growing population of homeless teens. With your help, we are able to provide meals to school-age teenagers who might otherwise be missing meals.

Think about these brave kids – they’re homeless, but they’re still going to school! They’re on school lunch programs during the week, but what do they do on the weekend? That’s where we step in! We want to reach out to these teens and give them a chance to focus on their future and what homework they need to do, not what they’ll eat tonight.

Last year, 832 students were helped through the Unaccompanied Youth Program.   This program reaches teenagers, who are primarily 11th & 12th graders who are homeless. Mostly, they live in their cars, couch hop, sleep on the streets or in tents.  Manna supports them by providing them with 8  meals, water and snacks, all included in functional backpacks.  

Most of us couldn’t imagine any of our children going without food for days.  Your donation of $25.00 will help one teen with 8 meals, or $50 will sponsor two students.

An average of 30 backpacks are given out each week by Manna at a cost of $750, so we’d like to cover their costs for one week.

Can you help make a difference? DONATE HERE:


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