August ’13 Project

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It’s August and time to announce our new project!
We’re revisiting our project from last fall where we provided backpacks of food to homeless high school students.
If you want to dive right in, you can give two weeks worth of food for only $18.00. You can give at


If you want more details, keep reading…

It’s August and the roads are busy with buses. PTM’s, recitals, and homework sessions are on the for families. Academics is in full bloom. School days are normal, if not routine, for most of us. This is not the case for everyone however.

Last year, Hungry For A Day was honored to have been a small part of the Unaccompanied Youth Program, facilitated through Manna Food Pantries in Pensacola, FL. Together, we helped to feed an alarmingly growing population of homeless teens. With your help, we were able to provide meals to school age teenagers who had no homes.

Think about these brave kids – they’re homeless, but they’re still going to school! They’re on school lunch programs during the week, but what do they do on the weekend? That’s where we step in! We want to reach out to these teens and give them a chance to focus on what homework they need to do, not what they’ll eat tonight.

Last year, an average of 33 Students per week were helped for nine months through the Unaccompanied Youth Program. This year, we anticipate the number to be higher (likely closer to 40 per week). This program reaches teenagers, who are primarily 11th & 12th graders who are homeless. Mostly, they live in their cars, couch hop, sleep on the streets or in tents.

For these teens, Manna supports them by providing 2 ½ days supply of food, including 7 meals, water and snacks, all included in functional backpacks.

The cost to most of us to help these teens is nominal. A donation of $9.00 will sponsor one teen for one weekend and $36.00 sponsors a teen for an entire moth. In other words, MANNA can provide 28 complete meals, many snacks and a supply of water for a teen for just $36.00.

What can you do? As you get your own kids dressed and ready for the school day routine, know that there are children that need our help. Our goal is to feed 40 teenagers for two weeks through Manna.

Can you help make a difference? DONATE HERE: