April Project Announcement

This April, we’re partnering with one of our favorite organizations in Atlanta – Serenity’s Steps. The purpose of this charity is to help vulnerable women whose lives have been marred by sexual exploitation. Concerned people wrestle with this particular question many times: “What does it mean to be good neighbors to women whose lives have been marred by chemical addiction, and whose lives are wrecked by domestic and sexual abuse?”
Serenity’s Steps helps with this struggle by providing a process to transition these women from their dangerous and tumultuous lives to ones that are full, vibrant, and productive.

Before they can help these girls and women move to places of hope and restoration, relationships have to be created. Most initial meetings (and subsequent follow up’s) are done over a meal. One of Serenity’s Steps biggest needs is money to pay for these meals.
It typically costs about $15 to cover lunch between one of Serenity’s workers and one of the girls. Our goal is to cover three months of food costs for them – about $750.

In the month of April, H4AD is raising funds to purchase gift cards for the affected women. The gift cards provided will be solely used to meet one of the most basic human needs: food.

Serenity’s founder, Leroy Lamar, recalls approaching one woman with the intent of asking her if she was ready to turn away from prostitution. She told Leroy that she had not slept in four days and had not eaten in two days. Leroy knew that before he could ask her if she was ready to leave “the life”, he needed to feed her and give her a place to rest. Thankfully, he was able to take her to dinner and let her sleep on his family’s sofa. She slept uninterrupted for the next 24 straight hours. When she finally woke up, she immediately departed and went back to the streets. The next weekend, however, she returned and was ready to commit to turning her life around for good. That was over two years ago. Today she is still out of the terrible lifestyle that she came out of.

The food gift cards you provide will allow us to give other identical girls and women these same opportunities to resurrect their own lives.

We want to encourage our community to be generous! Can you give out of your abundance to help one of these girls take the first step towards hope?

You can get involved at h4ad.com/go-hungry

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