Our Story:

Hungry For A Day was started by two college buddies who realized, after spending over ten years in the business world, that there was way more to life than 401k accounts, personal vacations and climbing the corporate ladder. Their vision was to discover an effective way to inspire people to be generous and in turn, impact hurting people. From that vision, Hungry For A Day was born.

There are many groups and organizations that are fighting hunger and are worthy of your donations. What we have discovered is that while people are aware of significant needs in their communities, they are not sure who to give to or, they simply have not given in a long time.

What we do is simple. We highlight different organizations that are doing awesome work and helping to meet the needs of those that go hungry. We challenge you to go hungry and stand in solidarity with the hurting, then, give what you would have spent on food that day, and donate that amount to H4AD. With your donation, many more will eat in your place!